Nitrogen and Sulphur Fertilizer, All in One

Providing crops with balanced nitrogen and sulphur nutrition is vital for maximizing crop performance and yields. YaraVera® AMIDAS™ (40-0-0+5.5) is a granular, homogenous nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer derived from urea and ammonium sulphate that has proven increased effectiveness over blends. YaraVera AMIDAS delivers the essential nutrients together in one prill for optimal crop nutrition efficiencies and improved handling. In addition, YaraVera AMIDAS is recommended for Spreaders, Dry Floaters, Air Drills and Aerial Applications.

Improve Handling with an All-in-One Nitrogen and Sulphur Fertilizer

Farmers have no time to deal with poor bin unloading and drill plugging in the spring. Ammonium sulphate has the tendency to attract moisture and has a lower critical relative humidity than urea. In addition, blending fertilizers will increase the chance of dust. With YaraVera AMIDAS - a nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer all in one, there is no need to blend. The harder granule and the unique coating applied onto YaraVera AMIDAS will improve your spring fertilizer application experience.

For growers that utilize spreaders, YaraVera AMIDAS can spread as wide as 120 feet versus 80 feet as seen by competition, saving on average 33% of passes per field.

Nitrogen and Sulphur All in One Granule Improve Nutrient Uptake

Plants do not use nutrients efficiently unless they are supplied in the right balance. Nitrogen and sulphur have a very synergistic relationship that is key for crops to reach their full potential. When applied together in one granule, it’s proven that N and S enhance their effectiveness and have a higher rate of nutrient uptake. YaraVera AMIDAS’ homogenous nature also alleviates the issue of nutrient segregation seen in blends and delivers a uniform distribution of N and S. 

More Yield per Pound of Nitrogen with a N and S Fertilizer

Farmers are more successful with YaraVera AMIDAS Nitrogen and Sulphur Fertilizer

No streaking, great spreadability 

“My first experience with YaraVera Amidas was using it as a winter wheat top dress and I liked it so much I started using it on my corn. I didn’t see any streaking and was impressed by its spread-ability. I got a much better swath width than urea and had fewer tracks in the field. When I’m spreading YaraVera Amidas, the back of the spreader is always clean and there’s no dust build-up all over the back of it. The granules don’t fall apart or break as they hit the spinner.”  -  Corey Yake, L&J Farms

Capable of spreading 120 feet wide

“I use YaraVera Amidas on every acre of wheat and every acre of corn I grow, as well as some barley. I really like YaraVera Amidas. We see very little burning when we’re top-dressing corn. A lot of our ground is a very light soil and they need a lot of sulphur. I apply YaraVera Amidas on a 90-foot swath to match my sprayer tracks, but I am fully confident we’d be able to throw it 120 feet.”  -  PJ Lynch, Leach Lynch Farms Inc.

nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer
nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer

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