Spreader in a field applying YaraVita Foliar Nutrition in the field

An easier way to check physical compatibilities

Yara Tankmix is a service that checks for physical compatibilities or tank-mixability when using YaraVita foliar crop nutrition products with other crop protection products.

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Why tank-mix multiple products? 

Clean air

Weather Conditions

Spray days can be limited due to weather events


Crop Performance

Enhanced timely applications = Improved crop performance


Cost Effective

Optimises machinery and labour resources = cost savings

What are the benefits of Tankmix?

People walking through a field
People walking through a field
  • Accurate information to support the application of YaraVita products
  • Easy to use and understand 
  • Reliable advice on the compatability of spray mixture
  • Online database instantly updated as tests are completed
  • Remove the guesswork, save time and money