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YaraVita PROCOTE Has You Covered

YaraVita® PROCOTE™ is a dealer-applied proprietary micronutrient coating that leverages the granular fertilizer to evenly and efficiently distribute essential micronutrients to growing crops.

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YaraVera AMIDAS Nitrogen and Sulphur Fertilizer

YaraVera® AMIDAS™ is a granular, homogenous nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer that has proven increased effectiveness over blends and improved handling; delivering essential nutrients together in one prill.

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YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate

YaraLiva comprehensive range of calcium nitrate fertilizers helps ensure high-value, highly marketable produce. YaraLiva products provide fast-acting nitrate-N, alongside strength-building calcium. In combination, these nutrients fuel prolonged growth.


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Choosing the right fertilizer

Yara’s depth of knowledge and experience helps explain why we have one of the most respected and widely recognized brands in agriculture. Each Yara fertilizer product is precisely formulated to provide accurately targeted nutrition that suits specific situations. We recognize that soils, crops and climates are uniquely varied and that all fields and crops will have different nutritional requirements. Our approach is to properly identify and meet these requirements effectively and in an environmentally sustainable manner. Our fertilizers are grouped into product families to make it easier to choose the right one, or you can scroll down to see which fertilizers are available in different regions or to see all the fertilizers together and use filters to find a specific fertilizer.

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