Added Value Urea - YaraVera


YaraVera products are the premium urea based fertilizers in the market, supported by Yara’s vast knowledge of application strategy that promotes the best performance on a wide range of crops.

YaraVera added value urea fertilizers offer all the versatility of urea based products, with added agronomic benefits. With a nitrogen concentration of 40% and over, these highly efficient sources of urea ensure strong, sustained growth over a prolonged period through effective nutrient release. They can be applied to the soil as solid granules, in solution or, to certain crops, as a foliar spray. 

The superior quality of YaraVera products helps to reduce handling, storage and transportation costs, and supports optimum-efficiency plant growth, leading to some of the highest yields possible and providing better return on investment for growers.

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N:S ratio

YaraVera products often contain added nutrients. If you are looking for an alternative to ammonium sulphate blends, YaraVera AMIDAS is the right choice for you.

YaraVera AMIDAS has N + S all in one. Learn more.