Micronutrient Fertilizers

Does the “grass look greener” on the other side of the fence? Find yourself wondering what your neighbor is doing right? Well, for one, they’re probably using micronutrients.

Providing your crop with balanced nutrition includes micronutrients

All nutrients are needed at varying levels to grow your best crop, it’s a proven fact. Historically, nitrogen is the nutrient that demands the most attention, but you could be wasting your current input investment if the crop doesn’t have the right balanced nutrition, limiting yield and quality potential. Micronutrients, although needed in much smaller quantities, are just as essential as macronutrients.

Without balanced nutrition, yield loss is inevitable, as depicted here. You could increase your nitrogen rate to try to prevent loss, but if the other nutrients aren’t also provided to the crop the increased nitrogen won't have an impact on yield. Crop yield is limited by the element in least supply.

barrel - law of liebig.png

Why your crop needs micronutrient fertilizers

Many critical components of crop performance depend on micronutrients; such as root development, good plant membrane and structure, green leaves and healthy canopy, even flowering and more. Micronutrients also play a role in the utilization of other nutrients like N and P. Don’t sacrifice your crop’s potential by skipping an easy step of adding micros to your fertility program.

plant illustration with nutrients.jpg

micronutrients effect on root development

Micronutrients Promote Water Use Efficiency

Micronutrients provided by YaraVita PROCOTE aid in the early development of root systems which improves the roots' ability to explore for nutrients and water.

To learn more about the effects YaraVita Procote and other sources of micronutrients have on crops' ability to uptake water and nutrients, check out the Saskatoon Incubator Farm results.

Maximize your yield potential with the right nutrients

With every crop grown, there are nutrients that are taken up that directly correlate with yield. The nutrients need to be supplied to crops when the soil doesn’t deliver them, as is the reality across many Canadian regions where nutrient deficiencies are prominent. You have to give back what your previous crop took for continued success and to maximize your yield potential, and that includes micronutrients.

In summary, don't miss out! If you think micronutrients are not worth the investment or your yield is already solid, think again. Micronutrients, although needed in much smaller quantities, are just as essential as macronutrients to maximize your crop's yield and quality potential and to ensure soil and plant health.

Ways to Incorporate Micronutrient Fertilizers into Your Crop's Fertility Program

Micronutrient Fertilizer Coating

Leverage your dry fertilizer granule to evenly and efficiently distribute essential micronutrients to growing crops with YaraVita PROCOTE. Learn more:

Micronutrient Fertilizer Coatings

Foliar Nutrition

Formulated with high-quality nutrients to ensure safe application directly to crops, many YaraVita Foliar Nutrition products contain micronutrients and can be tank-mixed with crop protection.

Foliar Nutrition