YaraVera® Amidas™ is a homogenous fertilizer with N and sulphate S in every granule, which provides increased N and S uptake by plant roots compared to physical blends. It’s a high-nitrogen alternative to ammonium sulphate and provides the N and S that crops need for maximum yields.

Amidas has a greater hardness than other fertilizers so that it maintains particle integrity. It is highly water soluble and very uniform in granule size.

Amidas is in an ideal N:S ratio of 7:1 and excellent for blending or top-dressing.

Product and safety information

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N:S ratio

No Segregation

YaraVera AMIDAS' unique homogeneous composition will not segregate 

YaraVera AMIDAS has 40% nitrogen and 5.5% sulphur in the same granule. It's totally water soluble and very uniform in granule size. It is a truly homogeneous product that ensures uniformity of application. The ammonium nitrogen and sulphate sulphur are immediately available to plants. AMIDAS's N:S ratio of 7.3:1 is ideal for most crops.

homogeneous granule


Optimal plant uptake of both N and S

YaraVera AMIDAS is a unique granular homogeneous fertilizer that contains nitrogen and sulphate sulphur readily available to the crops in an ideal N:S ratio of 7.3:1 - optimal for amino acid and protein synthesis. 

The presence of ammonium sulphate in the same granule as urea promotes optimal plant uptake of both N and S.

N and S are essential for plant structural and functional protein development. Applying these nutrients together with the AMIDAS homogeneous product helps assure top yields by supplying N and S in the forms the plant needs.

even spreading up to 120 feet

Even Distribution

YaraVera AMIDAS produces an even distribution pattern

Each granule of YaraVera AMIDAS is a homogeneous chemical mixture of N and S in the form of urea and ammonium sulphate. It cannot segregate. Fertilizer blends can segregate during handling and storage in the bag, pile, in the spreader hopper and during spreading. Once segregated, an uneven application of nutrients results.

Another consideration is that the spreading width of small, light particles is less than that of a larger, heavier particles in a blended mixture. The result is uneven nutrient application causing striped fields and reduced yields. Also, nitrogen and sulphur in the same granule enhances root uptake compared to blends, resulting in balanced nutrition for optimal plant growth.


YaraVera AMIDAS is harder than many other fertilizers

Storing and handling of fertilizers can result in a breakdown of particles due to crushing. Harder fertilizers, such as YaraVera AMIDAS, have fewer broken granules, produce less dust and provide more uniform spreading.

In a demonstration, non-Yara urea crushed at just 4.5 kilograms of pressure. AMIDAS is much stronger, withstanding 7 kilograms of pressure before crushing. The result is a product that maintains a more uniform particle size all the way through to spreading on the crop. Fertilizer granules with a crushing strength of <3 should not even be used with spinner speeds > 700 rpm.