Why Consider a Topdress Application of Nitrogen and Sulphur?

Newsletter - June 11, 2021

If conditions were dry at seeding and you cut back your fertilizer rates or applying all the fertilizer you want is a challenge, a topdress application may be the answer!

YaraVera® AMIDAS™ is an effective fertilizer choice for delivering nitrogen and sulphate sulphur efficiently and safely. YaraVera AMIDAS is a great choice to push your crop to its top yield potential.

Benefits of YaraVera AMIDAS being a harder fertilizer

  • Less pulverization by high-speed spinners
  • Less dust
  • Less crop burn
  • Wider application window
  • More uniform spreading
  • Increased spreading width

YaraVera AMIDAS can be spread at widths of up to 120 feet. Farmers and retailers can match spreader and sprayer tire tracks. This increases efficiency by decreasing the total number of passes required.

Spreading of bulk blends and homogeneous products

spreading width NEW.png

passes increase.PNG

Based on:12 MPH Spreading Speed, 10-inch Spreader Tire

stripes due to uneven applications.PNG

Uneven nutrient application causes striped fields and reduced yields. YaraVera AMIDAS is homogeneous; even nutrient distribution is achieved.


YaraVera AMIDAS - Granular nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer
Total Nitrogen (N) 40% Sulphur (S) 5.5%
    Urea (N) 35% Bulk Density (loose) 49 lbs/cu ft
    Ammonium N (NH4) 5% Color clear yellow


Watch YaraVera AMIDAS in action!

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Delaine Mandziak
Delaine Mandziak
Regional Market Development Manager

Western Canada

Jerry Philipenko
Jerry Philipenko
Senior Sales Agronomist