Make Your Sulphur Work for You with YaraVera AMIDAS

Newsletter - February 12, 2020

We want to get one thing straight… Sulphur is required in more than just the canola fertility program! There it's said. Sulphur is required in all crops and it is important that it is balanced with the nitrogen fertility program for that crop. Some may look at a soil sample and say that the results are above average or sufficient when in reality, sulphur is naturally patchy in the soil and one core sample in a high S zone can alter the results drastically.

In fact, sulphur is so important that when nitrogen is applied at the correct rate and if sufficient sulphur is not available, the plant cannot utilize the nitrogen effectively. Both sulphur and nitrogen are key components in the development of amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins. It’s time we gave sulphur the spotlight for a while.

YaraVera® AMIDAS® (40-0-0-5.5) is a unique granular, homogeneous nitrogen and sulphate sulphur fertilizer that is readily available to crops in a ratio of 7:1. By placing these nutrients together, the plant can take up both N and S efficiently.

What you will gain by using YaraVera AMIDAS in your fertility program:

  • Better nutrient uptake and efficiency
  • Improved quality and handling
  • Increased yield per lb of Nitrogen

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Better Nutrient Uptake and Efficiency

Providing complete nutrition to the crop is important, but only effective when all plants have access to the nutrients provided. The all-in-one formulation of YaraVera AMIDAS ensures that every granule placed in the soil becomes a feeding site for not only nitrogen, but plant available sulphur as well. If we are looking to apply 15 lbs of actual S, YaraVera AMIDAS will have approximately 18 feeding sites per foot of row, while an AMS application at the same sulphur rate will have 3-5 feeding sites. The increased distribution of the nutrient ensures that all plants have access and better uptake of that nutrient.


Improved Handling and Quality

Working with dusty fertilizer is not a job anyone looks forward to. Dust in fertilizer can cause issues in storage and in equipment during seeding, especially if the humidity is a factor that day. When fertilizer is handled, granules will break as they are jostled against other granules or equipment causing dust to build up in the product. YaraVera AMIDAS is a harder granule that resists breakage through handling. With fewer broken granules, there will be less dust created, improving the product’s ability to move through equipment and reducing plugging or bridging issues.

With the reduced granule breakdown, YaraVera AMIDAS is a more uniform product that works great in an air seeder, or through the spin spreader, spreading on average 120 feet. This product does not segregate and its uniform size makes it apply evenly through the metering systems in each section of the drill or out the back of a spreader. Traditional Urea and Ammonium Sulphate blends will segregate as the product is handled, creating an uneven application of the nutrients. All plants in the field will have access to both Nitrogen and Sulphur when you use YaraVera AMIDAS.

blend segregation.png

Segregated fertilizer blend in Hopper

Increased Yield per Lb of Nitrogen

As mentioned earlier, both Sulphur and Nitrogen are important for proper plant growth and development, but Nitrogen cannot be used efficiently without an adequate supply of plant available Sulphur. Western Canadian soils naturally vary in the amount of plant available Sulphur which is why it is important to meet Sulphur requirements not only where canola is going down, but all crops.

Over 5 site years of trials and we are consistently showing a higher average yield with the application of the homogenous Nitrogen and Sulphur granule, YaraVera AMIDAS, even in tough growing conditions. By supplying adequate Sulphur to the plant, the applied Nitrogen is being used more efficiently and generating a higher yield potential.

average increase over GSP graph.png

With the benefits of YaraVera AMIDAS, you can relax knowing it is working harder for you. You are gaining better nutrient uptake and efficiency with the homogeneous N and S granule, the hardness of the product improves the handling and you will have an increased yield per lb of nitrogen with the synergistic effect of available sulphur.

Feeding the crop just got easier by using YaraVera AMIDAS.


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Cody Vogel
Cody Vogel
Regional Sales Manager