Give Your Wheat a Better Sulphur Nutrition

Does your wheat crop need sulphur now?

Many fields in Eastern Canada show signs of sulphur deficiency in late May/early June. It can be observed as variable patches of light (slightly yellow) areas in the wheat field.





YaraVera AMIDAS is a dry fertilizer containing 40% nitrogen and 5.5% sulphate sulphur which is immediately available to the plant.

Wheat plants utilize nitrogen and sulphur together to build proteins and the AMIDAS N:S ratio of 7.3:1 is ideal to ensure adequate N and S.


A properly calibrated, high-clearance spinner spreader (or European style spreader) can evenly spread YaraVera AMIDAS up to 120’ across the field. Often you can drive in the same tracks as the sprayer to avoid additional tramping and still get the required nitrogen and sulphur applied to the wheat.


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