NOx reduction with NOxCare SNCR: a performing technology requiring low investment

The selective non-catalytic reduction technology (SNCR) is a method of reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by injecting the reagent directly above the combustion, where temperatures are between 850 and 1050°C. SNCR technology is widely used in cement, waste incinerators, biomass boilers or boilers with conventional fuels.

A NOxCare SNCR system is both cost efficient and high performing.

Key parameters to successfully operate a cost efficient SNCR technology are:

  • The design and performance of injectors
  • Optimisation and the programming of the controller
  • The location of the injection points
  • The temperature window at the injection point
  • The choice of reagent
  • Possible residence time

With SNCR systems installed at more than 200 facilities around the world, NOxCare has designed and optimised a high performing SNCR system for industrial sites.

At optimum process conditions, up to 80 % NOx can be removed with NOxCare SNCR technology.

NOxCare is a global leader in the manufacture and installation of SNCR systems

In October 2011, Yara acquired Petro Miljö, a leader of SNCR technology with over 200 systems installed worldwide. Yara renamed the company, keeping its expert team who have a deep knowledge of its customers processes and needs in different industry sectors eg: cement, incinerators, boilers, thermal, biomass boilers, glass, etc.

Ed Wells
Ed Wells
V.P., Environmental Solutions
Why choose SNCR?

Why choose an SNCR system?

The investment cost of selective non-catalytic reduction technology (SNCR) is extremely low compared to that required for SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology. Also, SNCR can often be installed in a matter of days on your site as the whole system is designed in preassembled skids and has been pre-tested in our workshops.

SNCR system performance

Yara’s SNCR system is based on the assembly of high-performance modules that can be adapted to ensure that your NOx emissions control process meet the requirements of the legislation required eg –the IPPC Directive or Industrial Emissions Directive.

We install turn-key systems based on standard or custom designed modules. Yara can also work with you to optimize, change or update your existing SNCR system to fit your exact needs.

With our skills and long term experience, Yara has achieved optimal efficiency across its entire SNCR system, in particular by programming the PLC and its injectors to achieve exceptionally high rates of NOx abatement.

Yara’s SNCR technology ensures:

  • Maximum of 80 mg/Nm3 NOx from waste incinerator.
  • Reduction of 80 % of NOx in dry processes in the production of clinker in cement plants.
  • Reduction of NOx emissions of approximately 60% in boilers.

Yara has a mobile SNCR test plant to accompany you in your projects. This unit can offer a complete technical and environmental feasibility test at your plant. In the case of uncommon processes or when NOx abatement requirements are very specific, we recommend a trial phase. Testing over a few days can be organized by our team with our dedicated test plant on your site throughout the world. Yara’s experience in this area is very important: it guarantees emission levels of NOx, NH3 slip and reagent consumption for each specific project.