Diesel Exhaust Fluid for Commercial Vehicles


Today, commercial vehicles are categorised as:

  • Large or Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), such as trucks
  • Light commercial vehicles (LCVs), such as vans and small trucks
  • Passenger carrying vehicles (PCVs), such as buses, coaches and mini buses

During the past few years, emission standards in commercial vehicles have been changing and getting more stringent. Since the Clean Air Act of 2010, diesel engine manufacturers have used Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Engine Gas Recirculation technology to help meet these legal requirements.

Selective Catalytic Reduction is used with an operating fluid called Diesel Exhaust Fluid, which is a synthetically made urea solution which has to meet an ISO standard. Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a safe to use fluid which is filled into a separate tank on the vehicle.

Yara produces and distributes its own brand of Diesel Exhaust Fluid under their brand name Air1. Since 1993 Yara, as a pioneer in helping bring Diesel Exhaust Fluid to market, worked to achieve an Diesel Exhaust Fluid ISO standard on the production and distribution of the product which would help safeguard consumers from Diesel Exhaust Fluid suppliers of poor quality. Building on this early research and development the Air1 team has shared its knowledge and expertise on a global and local basis, working with Distributors as Air1’s official Diesel Exhaust Fluid suppliers to those operating and driving commercial vehicles.

Ed Wells
Ed Wells
Director of Sales, Air1

What Does Diesel Exhaust Fluid Cost?

The price of Diesel Exhaust Fluid will vary according to quantities delivered, or where you purchase from. But it is estimated to be roughly half the price of diesel per gallon at the pump. 

SCR equipped vehicles use an average of 5% less diesel. This can more than compensate for the cost of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Therefore you can expect lower running costs for your SCR vehicles than for your non SCR vehicles. 

What impacts on Diesel Exhaust Fluid price?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a high quality urea solution, with synthetically produced urea its main raw material. Urea is made by using large amounts of energy, mainly natural gas. The price levels of oil and natural gas, as well as ammonia prices have a direct impact on urea prices. When raw material costs increase this has an impact on the Diesel Exhaust Fluid market.

What is the cheapest way to buy Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

Air1 can deliver Diesel Exhaust Fluid in bulk direct to your operating yard, this is the most economic solution. Diesel Exhaust Fluid can also be purchased in packages of 1 and 2.5 gallon bottles, 55 gallon drums and 275 and 330 gallon IBC from our Diesel Exhaust Fluid suppliers. Diesel Exhaust Fluid has a shelf life of 12 months if stored appropriately.

Click here for more information on DEF storage and handling.

How Much DEF Do I Need?

Not sure of the amount of Diesel Exhaust Fluid you need to buy?

If you require advice on which Diesel Exhaust Fluid pack size or Diesel Exhaust Fluid storage tank is most suitable for your operation, we can help you with various options and give a full breakdown of cost as part of our Air1 branded service.

We can supply Diesel Exhaust Fluid in various package sizes including standard:

  • 1 and 2.5 gallon Diesel Exhaust Fluid bottles
  • 55 gallon Diesel Exhaust Fluid drums
  • 275 & 330 gallon Diesel Exhaust Fluid IBCs
  • Bulk supplied by road tankers

How much Diesel Exhaust Fluid will I use?

The average consumption of Diesel Exhaust Fluid in commercial vehicles is dependent on vehicle type, and day to day operation. Generally, we assume between 4 and 6% of diesel use, which means you don't need to refill as often as you do with diesel. In other terms you will use approximately 5 gallons of Diesel Exhaust Fluid to every 100 gallons of diesel.

We have an Diesel Exhaust Fluid calculator which will give you a more firm indication according to your use: Diesel Exhaust Fluid Calculator to determine approximate Diesel Exhaust Fluid use for your vehicle.

Dependent on your Diesel Exhaust Fluid consumption we have various packages or storage options to fit the amount of Diesel Exhaust Fluid you will use. From custom bulk storage, standard bulk units, IBCs, Drums and Bottles to buying Diesel Exhaust Fluid at the pump, Air1 can offer you a selection of options.

Where Can I Buy DEF?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a synthetically manufactured urea product which is produced to a very high purity specification. This specification is a global standard set by the ISO and is purposefully created to help prevent poor quality, damaging urea solutions being sold to the market as Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Air1 is an API licensed supplier whose product is in compliance with the ISO standard.

Reputable Diesel Exhaust Fluid Suppliers

Suppliers of Diesel Exhaust Fluid, such as Air1, have to be licensed to ensure their product meets the Diesel Exhaust Fluid specification. This means investment in production to ensure Diesel Exhaust Fluid is produced without compromise. There are companies who pertain to sell an equivalent to Diesel Exhaust Fluid called Automotive Urea Solution, or AUS32. These companies mix low quality urea from shipments contaminated with other products.

The product may contain a type of urea solution which may be contaminated with unknown solubles which may chemically react to cause build up in the SCR system. Therefore, the price may be cheaper, due to production costs and raw materials being lower, but the quality of the product is inferior and may damage equipment on the vehicle which is expensive to replace.


  • Purchase Diesel Exhaust Fluid, and not a similar product
  • Purchase from a API license supplier of Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Check the API license is in date
  • Ask for batch certificates to ensure procedures are adhered to
  • Ignore and never purchase “Urea Solution for Automotive vehicles” or similar
  • Ask if the whole chain is audited
  • Trust your instincts – if doubtful – do not purchase

Who can I trust for good quality Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

Air1 is not only API licensed and audited, but has also invests heavily in its own production and supply chain to ensure our Diesel Exhaust Fluid is not compromised from leaving our factory to refilling your vehicle.

We continue to develop and enhance our supply chain to make it more robust than ever before, guaranteeing you a reliable supply of quality Diesel Exhaust Fluid from Air1.


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