Simplify Nitrogen & Sulphur Nutrition with a Homogeneous Fertilizer

Every spring is different and brings its own challenges. Wet or dry, early or late, YaraVera® AMIDAS™ is an effective tool for delivering nitrogen and sulfur to a wheat crop with minimal complexity.

Nitrogen and sulfur are essential to growing high yielding, high quality wheat. When different fertilizers are combined to deliver N & S there is a risk of segregation. YaraVera AMIDAS is a homogenous granule combining 40% nitrogen and 5.5% sulfur in a single product. This results in an even distribution of nitrogen and sulfur across a field; in an ideal N:S ratio of 7:1.

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The 1st and 2nd N applications were 80 lbs each; the 1st application of S was 9 lbs and the 2nd was 11 lbs for a total of 160 lbs of N & 20 lbs of S applied to all 3 reps.

With YaraVera AMIDAS sprayer and spreader tracks can line up. An extremely hard granule YaraVera AMIDAS can be spread at swath widths of 100 and even 120 feet. This gives farmers and retailers the luxury of lining up spreader tracks with sprayer tracks, decreasing the amount of wheat trampled and increasing efficiency.

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Other products cause leaf burn, and in a late season this can have a significant effect on yield. Due to the hardness of the granule YaraVera AMIDAS has minimal dust which reduces the chances of leaf burn. This makes YaraVera AMIDAS an extremely versatile product. In an early season it can be applied as soon as it’s possible to get over a field. In a late season when the wheat has progressed it’s safe to apply.

With an N:S ratio of 7:1, a hard granule for even spreading, and a wide application window YaraVera AMIDAS makes a great addition to any wheat program.

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YaraVera AMIDAS- Granular nitrogen and sulphure fertilizer      
Total nitrogen (N) 40% Sulphur (s) 5.5%
Urea (N) 35% Bulk Density (loose) 49 lbs/cu ft
Ammonium N (NH4) 5% Color Clear yellow 




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