Set your Potato Crop for Success - Coat your Dry Fertilizer with Micronutrients

YaraVita® PROCOTE™ is an excellent source of micronutrient fertility for potato.

YaraVita PROCOTE’s oil-based suspension completely and evenly coats prilled and granular fertilizers and ensures an even supply of micronutrients is carried with each fertilizer granule, resulting in more feeding sites

Importance of Micronutrients in Potato Production

Micronutrients play vital roles in plant health and crop quality.

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  • Zinc (Zn) is associated with root and shoot elongation, vascular development, and lead size.
  • Manganese (Mn) and copper (Cu) are necessary for photosynthesis.
  • Boron (B) aids in calcium translocation, plays a role in cell wall strength, and helps balance sugar and starch.
  • Zn, Mn, and Cu are also key to the potato crop’s phytoalexin (autoimmune) system for promoting disease tolerance.
  • Potato roots are concentrated in the top twelve inches of the soil and are often unable to extract nutrients from the soil – especially if they are unevenly distributed.

YaraVita Procote is an ideal source of micronutrients for potato because it provides even and consistent distribution by coating every fertilizer granule.

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Improved Quality and Handling

  • Oil-based YaraVita Procote provides a moisture barrier on the outside of the granule.
  • No added water – fertilizer granules can become soft when water is added into the mix. The moisture can start to dissolve the nutrient that may later re-crystallize and cause caking.
  • YaraVita Procote is virtually a dust-free process. YaraVita Procote reduces dust and associated losses by up to 32% compared to powder coatings – improving working conditions and ROI.

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YaraVita PROCOTE Potato Field Trial Results


31.3% Copper / 500 g/L Copper

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  • 75% of trials had higher marketable yield with YaraVita Procote Cu
  • 87.5% of trials had higher gross yield with YaraVita Procote Cu
  • Average marketable yield increase of 7% (19 cwt/ac) and an average gross yield increase of 9% (24 cwt/ac)

Trial Information

  • Sites: 8
  • Year(s): 2021
  • Varieties: Caribou, Russet, Highland, Red Norlands, Pomarelle


29% Manganese / 500 g/L Manganese

procote mn potato trial canada.png

  • 100% of trials had higher marketable and gross yield with YaraVita Procote Mn
  • Average marketable yield increase of 11.8% (35 cwt/ac) and an average gross yield increase of 11.6% (38 cwt/ac)

Trial Information

  • Sites: 3
  • Year(s): 2020-2021
  • Varieties: Caribou, Eva, Gold Rush

YaraVita PROCOTE B & Zn


procote potato trial B and Zn canada.png

  • 2.3% (8 cwt/ac) yield increase from Procote B and Zn compared to using dry micronutrients [This yield improvement comes from improved distribution and availability, improved handling, and better efficiency]
  • 17% (52 cwt/ac) yield increase from YaraVita Procote B and Zn compared to using no micronutrients [This yield improvement comes from the combination of providing micronutrients that the crop needs and improved distribution, availability, handling, and efficiency]

Set your potato crop for success this season by coating your dry fertilizer with YaraVita PROCOTE.


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