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YaraVita PROCOTE is a dealer applied proprietary micronutrient coating that leverages the granular fertilizer to evenly and efficiently distribute essential micronutrients to growing crops. With YaraVita PROCOTE a farmer’s dry fertilizer program becomes the platform to deliver complete nutrition without complexity.

Consistent Return on Investment Across All Crops

If you want to grow your best crop, it requires micronutrients. Across all regions in Eastern and Western Canada, and all crops, applying YaraVita PROCOTE has consistently resulted in higher yields and even better return on investment. Check our trial results below.

Curious what micronutrient deficiencies your crop might be facing? The map below shows percentages of soil analysis that indicated deficiencies (results from more than 200,000 soil analysis over the last years).

Values "below which" the soil is considered deficient: Cu: ≤2ppm; B: ≤0.9ppm; Zn: ≤ 3.1ppm; Mn: ≤21ppm


Increased Feeding Sites and Nutrient Accessibility

When it comes to crop nutrition it pays to be proactive instead of reactive and ensure your crop has access to micronutrients when it needs them.

With the proprietary YaraVita PROCOTE formulation that coats the high rates of dry granular fertilizer in micronutrients you can be sure that your crop will have greater access to micronutrients thanks to a much more even and consistent distribution all across your field.

We know that crops don’t need micronutrients in pounds/ac, they simply need grams/ac! With YaraVita PROCOTE’s ability to increase the number of feeding sites it actually increases the efficiency and uptake of micronutrients without having to apply pounds. 

Better Operations and Handling

Decrease granular fertilizer dust by over 99% and increase flowability and storability of dry granular fertilizer with YaraVita PROCOTE.

Learn more about each YaraVita PROCOTE product

  Analysis Product Sheet Label  SDS
Procote B 7.1% B PDS Label EN / FR
Procote Cu 31.3% Cu PDS Label EN / FR
Procote Mn 29% Mn PDS Label EN / FR
Procote Zn 42.6% Zn PDS Label EN / FR
Procote BCMZ

3.6% B

6% Cu

6% Mn

12% Zn

PDS Label EN / FR
Procote BMZ

3.8% B

6.3% Mn

12.7% Zn

PDS Label EN / FR

Webinar: Delivering Micronutrients

Every crop requires micronutrients. The chance of seeing a response is better than you can imagine. Watch this free webinar to learn more about YaraVita PROCOTE and how it can deliver complete nutrition, including critical micronutrients, without complexity.