Crop Nutrition as Part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Newsletter - November 19, 2018

Flea beetles are growing concerns across the Prairie Provinces, taking huge chunks out of canola grower profitability with every bite they take. We often approach these insects with the mindset that seeding rate and insecticide are the only options to manage these pesky critters. While these are strong tools, they aren’t the only option.

Strong early root growth of canola can help plants grow through damage. It also helps to drive increased foliage and photosynthetic activity, a self-reinforcing cycle that will allow a plant to grow through damage either without an insecticidal spray, or it will help the plant grow through the damage and mitigate the risk of a need for a second spray. We know nutrition isn’t the whole answer, but the right nutrition coupled with proper seeding rate, placement, depth, etc. help enhance a plant's ability to push through insect damage more effectively.

What nutrients are important in early season root growth?

All of them, but here are three to key in on for this spring:


This is one of the primary nutrients that drives root production and early season vigour in canola. Ensuring safe rates of seed placed phosphorous are applied will help canola crops push through flea beetle pressure. Understanding phosphorous uptake/removal rates is critical to proper crop nutrition. We have charts within our YaraVita PROCOTE calculator* that will help determine what is being used by the crop and can aid in decision making.

*Contact your Yara representative to learn more about this calculator.

Zinc and Boron

Two micronutrients that are instrumental to root growth. Zinc is key in auxin (IAA) production which is a plant hormone that increases root and shoot growth, specifically important during stressful times. Boron is core to the cell wall development of roots, essentially meaning that if the plant is trying to build new roots and it is struggling to uptake boron, the integrity of those roots will be compromised rendering them less effective at water and nutrient uptake, hindering efficient plant growth. Insuring the crops have consistent access to these nutrients from germination on is of the utmost importance to manage early season vigour. Applying YaraVita PROCOTE Zn and YaraVita PROCOTE B to fertilizer blends is the single most effective way to ensure consistent, timely delivery of plant-available nutrients to the crop is achieved. This will help keep the crop growing through stressful times, such as flea beetle feeding early.

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Resources of the Week: Yara Apps

Yara has developed some tools to support growers and ag industry professionals with making the best decisions for their farm. Digital tools will continue to be a focal point for Yara so keep checking back for more! Download them on an iOS or Android device.

  • Yara TankmixIT: This app is a handy tool to have on your phone for any questions that arise around mixing YaraVita products with crop protection products and other Yara nutritional products.

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