Phosphorus: a fast-acting fuel for canola plant energy

Canola is a fast growing crop with a high nutrient demand. Phosphorus is involved in all energy dependent growth processes in the canola crop, but it is not always sufficiently available due to the way phosphorus behaves in the soil and is taken up by plants.

Foliar phosphorus - the energy drink for plants 

Phosphorus is a vital component of ATP, the “energy unit” of plants. ATP forms during photosynthesis, and fuels the plant from the beginning of seedling growth through to maturity. Without an adequate phosphorus supply the plant cannot store, transport or release energy. 

Phosphorus is taken up from the soil by the roots, but it can also be quickly and efficiently taken up by leaves. Foliar phosphorus cannot replace soil-applied phosphorus but can act like an energy drink for plants. This provides an energy boost when the plant is under stress, or when it is entering a period of intense growth and development. This boost helps to maintain crop productivity, yield and quality.

Storing energy into ATP

Releasing energy from ATP


How Yara can help you supply the phosphous your canola crop needs? 


YaraVita HYDROPHOS is a highly efficient source of plant available foliar phosphorus to provide the energy boosts that complement a soil application strategy. 

  • Contains 100% plant active ortho-phosphate to provide an instant energy boost to the crop, as well as additional magnesium to boost photosynthetic activity.
  • Has a low pH formulation that optimizes nutrient delivery and enhances tank mixability with agrochemicals. 
  • Is a liquid formulation that is easy to handle and is widely tank mixable for coapplication with agrochemicals, removing the need for specific spray operations.


Early crop establishment is important for maximum yield potential. YaraVita HYDROPHOS provides the energy to optimize the early development of shoots, roots and flowering branches. Stem extension is also a particularly important time for YaraVita HYDROPHOS to ensure the phosphorus (energy) supply is not limiting rapid crop development. 

Canola: For a single application, 1 to 2 l/ac at onset of stem extension. For moderate deficiency, 1 to 2 l/ac at 4 to 6 leaf stage and at onset of stem extension. An extra application can be made 10 to 14 days later for severe deficiency. Avoid application during flowering. Water rate: 12 to 80 l/ac. 


  • YaraVita HYDROPHOS applications have been shown to increase farm income through yield increase. 
  • YaraVita HYDROPHOS is easy to use, saving time and money.

Key facts

  • All the energy dependent processes in the plant are powered by phosphate-rich molecules 
  • Soil phosphorus is not always available due to the way it behaves in the soil and is taken up by plants. 
  • YaraVita HYDROPHOS is a highly efficient source of plant-available foliar phosphorus. 
  • Young plants need roots to establish, but they need phosphorus to grow roots. YaraVita HYDROPHOS gives the crop a head start. 
  • Stages of rapid crop development require extra energy and are key timings for YaraVita HYDROPHOS applications. 
  • Product formulation is important to ensure that the nutrient is delivered in the most effective, safe and convenient manner.
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