Concrete Corrosion Inhibitor

NitCal reduces the corrosion of reinforced concrete used in buildings or structures. Thus, it increases the strength of structures, extends their life and improves the security of the building over the long term. Unlike chlorine accelerators that can seriously damage fittings, NitCal is a non-corrosive accelerator. In addition, NitCal is an environmentally friendly product that is non-hazardous and that does not cause alkali-aggregate reaction (AAR).

Corrosion is a major challenge facing the construction of a durable building. Having a concrete admixture that works as a corrosion inhibitor is a significant benefit to the construction’s durability, be it a building, bridge, tunnel or any other infrastructure project.

Yara has developed in the mid 1990s, NitCal, a purified, specialty nitrate that brings you a whole range of additional benefits compared to other concrete accelerator admixtures.


Non-corrosive accelerator

Unlike chloride-based accelerators that can cause severe corrosion damage to a construction, NitCal is a non-corrosive accelerator that provides extra strength to structures by reducing the corrosion of reinforcements. This gives your construction long-lasting durability benefit and reduces life-cycle costs by diminishing repair and rebuilding costs.

Nitcal can be delivered as uncoated granules or in a liquid solution. It is added to concrete either before or during its mixing to alter its properties

Concrete setting accelerator recommended dosage

our NitCal dosage in producing concrete will depend heavily on:

  • how much cement is used
  • what the purpose of dosage is

We have developed a table that gives you efficient dosing recommendations. Please note that this list is for indicative purposes only, always consult your local NitCal expert before applying NitCal. Please consider that factors such as the type of cement used and the dosing method, among others, need to be taken into consideration. Contact your local NitCal expert for advice on these issues so that you get the optimal dosing rates. Please note that the “antifreeze” feature demands prior testing.

Corrosion inhibitor

Safe and easy handling

You will find that NitCal is safe to handle, and also more cost effective versus alternative products. Note that The International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG) does not apply to this product (re: Special Provision 208).

Yara’s logistics network and high quality vessels will deliver NitCal to you via one of our 200 worldwide terminals and warehouses. You can be assured to have one close to your operations.

Nelson Vargas
Nelson Vargas
Industrial Sales Director