Manganese deficiency made worse by

  • Organic soils
  • Sandy soils
  • High pH
  • Cold wet periods
  • Fluffy soils

Manganese is important for

  • Improved activation of enzyme processes
  • Increased nitrate reduction
  • More efficient photosynthesis
  • Effective protein synthesis

Yara recommended fertilizers for Manganese



Soybean: 1 to 2 l/ha as early in the growing season as possible, provided there is adequate leaf cover to intercept the spray. Repeat as necessary at 10 to 14 day intervals. Water rate: 30 to 200 l/ha. Soja: 1-2 l/ha appliquer dès que la surface foliaire est suffisamment développée. Répéter à 10 à 14 jours d'intervalle si nécessaire. Volume d'eau: 30 à 200 l/ha.

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