Potato Fertility and Quality - Round Table

Newsletter - April 14, 2021

They can be fried, mashed, stuffed and even dipped in ice cream. Can you guess which popular food staple we are talking about?

You don’t have to be an expert to prepare a delicious potato dish. Growing them, however, is a different story. A high-quality potato ensures the skins are blemish-free and our chips and fries get that perfect golden color. Providing a balanced fertility program that takes into account soil and environmental conditions will ensure a high-quality potato ready for the consumer.

We invited Emmerson McMillan, YaraVita Specialist, and Neil Iverson, Sales Agronomist, to join us on this Yara Round Table to discuss the importance of potato fertility and how it can influence the quality of the tuber

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Allison Hebert
Allison Hebert
Sales Agronomist

British Columbia & Southern Alberta

Cody Vogel
Cody Vogel
Regional Sales Manager