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Yara Canada

CO2 Market News

CO2 Market News

CO2 Market News

Yara International ASA has sold its European CO2 business and its remaining 34% stake in the Yara Praxair Holding AS joint venture to U.S.-based Praxair, Inc.

You can learn more about the sale and still contact the CO2 Sales team here.

IMO Vote 2020

Vote for limits on Sulphur oxide

Yara International ASA has welcomed the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) decision to implement its global cap on the Sulphur content of marine fuel.

The regulation, which was ratified in London, will come into force in 2020.

Read more on why this decision is positive for society, the environment and the industry.

Yara in Canada

Yara in Canada

Yara has operated in Canada for more than 20 years, with facilities strategically located in both the east and west to optimally serve its Canadian and Northern U.S. customers.
Yara Canada’s operations are committed to superior customer service, to producing the highest quality products in the industry, to being a top employer, to being a leader in safety and environmental stewardship and to being a good corporate citizen.

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Production Sites

silinjarvi, finland

Production Sites

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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Job opportunities at Yara are as diverse as its employees. Yara has its headquarters in Oslo, Norway, operates in more than 50 countries and sells its products and solutions to over 150 countries.

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Why join Yara?

Why join Yara?

Working for Yara makes sense. We believe that social responsibility goes hand-in-hand with commercial opportunities. We create positive impact by using economic success as a driver for change and green growth.

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