Urea solutions and SCR technology for Maritime vessels

Our total NOxCare Marine solution package includes the design and build of the SCR system, AUS40 urea solution product (branded NOxCare 40) and servicing and maintenance.

Reducing NOx emissions in Marine vessels

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With increasing legislation being implemented to control NOx emitted from sea and inland marine vessels, Yara offers NOxCare - a total solution to reduce NOx emissions from maritime sources. NOxCare covers a portfolio of technologies, products (reagents), processes and services.

Yara's NOxCare products and NOx reduction expertise deliver its products and services to the international maritime industry whilst also helping to promote the development of environmentally friendly transport.

Yara offers a complete NOx control solution to the retrofit and new build sector:

  • Engineering assistance in evaluating SCR technology solutions during vessel design/retrofit, based on extensive maritime experience
  • Supply of SCR equipment (complete with all necessary auxiliaries)
  • Supply of NOxCare40 Marine Urea solution (Yara’s specially developed urea solution for maritime use) during the operation of a vessel to any port worldwide
  • Supply of spares during vessel operation

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Stationary plants

NOx Reduction for Seagoing Vessels

The International Maritime Organisation will introduce IMO Tier III in 2016, which will decrease NOx levels considerably in new ship builds and those operating in ECAs (Emission Control Areas) or NECAs (Emission Control Areas related to nitrogen oxides).


NOx Reduction for Inland Vessels

Inland shipping along the Mississippi river system represents a large part of the transport of goods in the USA. There are also other rivers and canals in the East and West of the country that are used for such transport, as well as on the Great Lakes.