NOx Reduction Solutions

Choosing between SNCR and SCR technology when building a new NOx control system

If you need to reduce NOx emissions in an existing plant where there is currently no NOx control measures installed, Yara can help you to evaluate the best possible technology with regards to your

  • combustion process, 
  • operating parameters, 
  • NOx levels in flue gas, 
  • NOx cap levels to be achieved, 

Along with evaluating your site options for the type of NOx reduction reagent you can handle most effectively, Yara can help you make the right informed decisions on whether our SNCR, Hybrid or SCR system is the best technology to suit your NOx reduction needs.

Upgrading a NOx control system to optimize costs or meet new legislation

Your existing NOx reduction systems may be coming more costly to run, or can no longer meet the legal requirements needed by your operation. This challenge can be overcome by the possibility of upgrading your current NOx control system to bring it more in line with today’s Clean Air Act legislation and technology developments, making it easier to manage and more cost effective to run.

Yara, a world leader in SNCR installations, is able to assess and measure your current systems ability to reduce NOx and then recommend how your existing system can be upgraded.

Optimizing a NOx control system to reduce running costs and/or meet new legislation

As you run your NOx control system in your daily operations, you may see that your operating costs are increasing. Something can be done to prevent this. It may be due to high NOx reducing reagent consumption as a result of inefficient flue gas treatment, or that your maintenance frequency has increased. Yara can help you to evaluate your current system and recommend options for optimisation to reduce running costs and create a more efficient system.

NOx Reduction from new build to optimisation – choose Yara

New Builds

Building a New System

Making the right business choice between between SNCR and SCR NOx control systems.

NOx Reduction Solutions - Optimisation


Optimizing your SNCR or SCR system to reduce running costs and/or meet new legislation.

 NOx Reduction Solutions / Upgrading a System

Upgrading a System

Updating your current NOx control systems to a better operating system that is easier to manage.