Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) and Heavy Equipment Vehicles

Diesel Exhaust Fluid for Non Road vehicles

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission limits have been implemented over the past few years with stricter requirements needing to be met in certain vehicles. Non Road vehicles running with diesel engines, for example tractors, cranes, portside vehicles and dumper trucks, will all eventually have to comply with more stringent NOx emissions standards. This has caused diesel engine manufacturers to develop engines which can meet the new emission standards without compromising fuel consumption further. To achieve this Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Engine Gas Recirculation technologies have been implemented to good effect.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) uses Diesel Exhaust Fluid to limit the NOx emitted from the vehicle’s exhaust system. Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a clear, non hazardous fluid which is refilled in the vehicle’s dedicated Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank.

SCR for NOx reduction is now common place in various heavy duty vehicle types including:

  • Farm machinery
  • Mobile and static cranes
  • Airport and Dockside vehicles
  • Construction Equipment
  • Mining machinery

Air1 is Yara’s brand of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. For the Agriculture sector you may have heard of Yara as a fertilizer manufacturer. Yara has been an Diesel Exhaust Fluid pioneer, helping to create the Diesel Exhaust Fluid ISO specification to meet the diesel engine manufacturers SCR standard and bringing Diesel Exhaust Fluid locally to the end user via a network of Air1 official Diesel Exhaust Fluid suppliers.

Air1 is Yara’s brand of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. It is supplied via a network of distributors, so you are never far away from an Air1 North American distributor.

Air1 offers a number of options to meet the end users business needs:

Our helpful guide to Diesel Exhaust Fluid: