Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Commercial Vehicles

Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Commercial Vehicles

Today, commercial vehicles are categorized as:

  • Large or Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), such as trucks
  • Light commercial vehicles (LCVs), such as vans and small trucks
  • Passenger carrying vehicles (PCVs), such as buses, coaches and mini buses

During the past few years, emission standards in commercial vehicles have been changing and getting more stringent. Since the Clean Air Act of 2010, diesel engine manufacturers have used Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Engine Gas Recirculation technology to help meet these legal requirements.

Selective Catalytic Reduction is used with an operating fluid called Diesel Exhaust Fluid, which is a synthetically made urea solution which has to meet an ISO standard. Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a safe to use fluid which is filled into a separate tank on the vehicle.

Yara produces and distributes its own brand of Diesel Exhaust Fluid under their brand name Air1. Since 1993 Yara, as a pioneer in helping bring Diesel Exhaust Fluid to market, worked to achieve an Diesel Exhaust Fluid ISO standard on the production and distribution of the product which would help safeguard consumers from Diesel Exhaust Fluid suppliers of poor quality. Building on this early research and development the Air1 team has shared its knowledge and expertise on a global and local basis, working with Distributors as Air1’s official Diesel Exhaust Fluid suppliers to those operating and driving commercial vehicles.

We reliably supply under the Air1 brand the highest quality Diesel Exhaust Fluid via the Mansfield DeliveryONE Network of distributors across the US, so you are never far away from an Air1 North American distributor.

There are a number of Diesel Exhaust Fluid options offered by Air1:

  • Custom and standard storage options
  • Packaged Diesel Exhaust Fluid product in IBCs, Drums and Bottles
  • Project management for complex bunkering systems
  • Various finance options

Our helpful guide to Diesel Exhaust Fluid: