Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Passenger vehicles

Diesel Exhaust Fluid for Passenger Vehicles


Diesel Exhaust Fluid and SCR technology in passenger vehicles, such as SUVs, pickups, camper vans and cars is now common place; with Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Peugeot being the front runners in introducing this system to the passenger car market. GM, Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota and Audi also have models which use Diesel Exhaust Fluid, with other manufacturers following the trend.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is used in conjunction with SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) which is a system that cleans up the exhaust gas on your vehicle before it is emitted to the atmosphere. Manufacturers have had to reconfigure their exhaust systems to meet new regulations on the emission levels of nitrogen oxides as they have become stricter over the years. Air1 is Yara's brand of Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

Nitrogen oxides (NOx): 

  • Are a major pollutant 
  • Can lead to smog in built up areas 
  • Aggravate asthma according to the World Health Organization 

View our Quick Guide to SCR and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (5 slide presentation).

Diesel Exhaust Fluid helps to convert your exhaust’s NOx into harmless nitrogen and water via the SCR system in your vehicle.

Air1 is Yara’s brand of Diesel Exhaust Fluid, and our team have put together a helpful Diesel Exhaust Fluid guide:

View our Quick Guide to Diesel Exhaust Fluid (5 slide presentation).