Specialty Chemicals

With over 100 years history in the nitrates and nitrogen chemicals business, Yara has developed a range of specialty chemicals that address the needs of many industries: concrete, latex production, oil drilling and oil reservoirs, electronics industry and medical gases to name a few. Our R&D centers continuously research the properties of nitrogen chemicals and nitrates in particular to see how they can best serve in different industrial processes. Our researchers' focus is on finding applications that will optimize your industrial processes on the basis of nitrogen chemicals performance or function. With these specialty chemicals solutions in hand, we find ways to help you optimize your production processes and ultimately increase your business performance.

Over the years, Yara has pioneered and marketed a full range of specialty chemicals based on nitrates and nitrogen chemicals with applications in:

Concrete Admixture set accelerator for Concrete manufacturing image

Multifunctional additive for concrete

Our multifunctional additive is an accelerator for concrete admixtures. It allows concreting even in severe cold conditions. It is anticorrosive and optimizes use of water and cement when combined with plasticizers and increases performance even more when used with superplasticisers. It is marketed under the brand NitCal®.

Drilling fluid additive for Oil exploration and production image

Drilling fluid for oil exploration

Yara solutions for the oil sector include drilling fluids (OBM & SBM transparent brine, fracturing fluid), as well as solutions against acidification in wells and tanks (and prevention of H2S). These solutions are marketed under the brand PetroCare®.

Molten Salt for Concentrated Solar Power plants image

Molten salts for Concentrated Solar Power plants

Yara ternary molten salt reduces the cost of solar thermal energy (CSP, Concentrated Solar Power). Used in thermodynamics as a central fluid thermal energy storage and /or as a heat transfer fluid, Yara’s molten salt brings several improvements in performance versus current binary molten salts.

Ammonium Nitrate for Electronic gases image

Ammonium nitrate for electronic gases

Solid ammonium nitrate in its purest form (99.99% pure) and without anti-caking agent. Ammonium nitrate so pure that it is ideally suited to rigorous specifications for the electronics industry.

Ammonium Nitrate for Medical gases image

Latex dipping coagulent

In the coagulant dipping process, Yara's speciality chemicals DipCal® is used to ensure production of the perfect latex glove. It has been chosen by most leading manufacturers of rubber-dipped goods.