Nitrogen Chemical Products

Nitrogen chemicals have been Yara’s core business for over 100 years. In their manufacturing process, gas or oil is used as base to react with nitrogen from the air to produces ammonia. Ammonia is then used to produce a range of chemicals, such as urea and nitric acid, which have applications in the industry.

Technical Urea

Technical urea

Yara is one of the world's main producers of urea. It has 30 factories across the globe, including our principal sites in Le Havre in France, Sluiskil in the Netherlands, and Brunsbüttel in Germany which supply urea to both our European and world markets.

Yara Ammonia


Yara is the world's number one producer and distributor in the ammonia market, and is well-known for its many years of experience in the production and handling of ammonia. Our teams can offer you safe solutions tailored to your needs.

Reliable supplies of urea and ammonia

Yara is a leading manufacturer with a strong production base for ammonia, urea and nitrates. Our 30 plants around the world include Belle Plaine, the largest urea production site in North America. We convert this strong nitrogen products manufacturing platform and global supply system into reliable supply of technical grade urea and ammonia to clients across North America. Belle Plaine is located in SK, Canada to directly serve clients in the north and mid-west.

Yara plants and terminals in North America
Ammonia plant, nitric Acid plant

Yara Belle Plaine, our urea and ammonia manufacturing site in North America

The majority of the ammonia produced in Yara Belle Plaine is used in the production of UAN and granular urea, however some products are sold for non agricultural purposes during peak ammonia seasons. Yara Belle Plaine is committed to providing the lowest unit costs in the industry and uses leading edge technology to ensure that its operation is streamlined, efficient and cost-effective

In addition, our network of terminals along the coast allows us to support you with the right solutions at the right time for your businesses wherever you are located in North America.

Urea and ammonia: we supply what you need

As a leading manufacturer of nitrogen products, Yara can supply you both in urea and ammonia for different applications for industries as basic chemicals.

Ammonia, technical grade urea: Our main North American locations

New Orleans, LA Urea
Stockton, CA Urea
Tampa, FL Ammonia
Belle Plaine, SK Ammonia, urea
Carmen, MB Urea
Contrecoeur, QB Urea

Yara has been present in North America since 1946 and this closeness allows us to understand and interact with our clients to adapt applications that meet their needs and help them reach their full business potential.

If you have any questions, contact our dedicated, expert team.