Yara at a Glance

We deliver profitable and responsible solutions for agriculture and the environment.

20 Million

1.4 Million

240 Million

We provide crop nutrition products, solutions and knowledge to 20 million farmers worldwide. The number of tons of NOx emissions that we helped our customers reduce in 2015. This is equivalent to more than the total annual emissions in France. The number of people we help feed through the use of our crop nutrition solutions.

Key figures

  • Revenues (2016): CAD 14.7 billion (CAD 19.3 billion in 2015)
  • EBITDA (2016): CAD 2.4 billion (CAD 3.6 billion in 2015)
  • Fertilizer sales (2016): 27.2 million tons (26.5 million tons in 2015)
  • Industrial sales (2016): 6.9 million tons *including feed phosphates and CO2 (7 million* tons in 2015)
  • Number of employees (2016, at year-end): 14,736 (12,883 in 2015)

Key facts

  • Established as Norsk Hydro in 1905, demerged as Yara International ASA in 2004
  • President and CEO since September 2015: Svein Tore Holsether
  • Headquartered in Oslo, Norway: Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange
  • Global presence with operations and offices in more than 60 countries and sales to about 160 countries worldwide.

Our business segments:

Yara Crop Nutrition

Our aspiration is to be the leading provider of sustainable crop nutrition solutions, supporting farmer profitability through knowledge, quality and productivity. 

  • Global and local agronomic, marketing and sales knowledge 
  • Presence in 57 countries and sales to about 160 countries worldwide
Terje Knutsen

Terje Knutsen - EVP, Crop Nutrition

“The acquisition of Tata Chemicals’ urea plant and distribution business in India represents a significant step in our growth strategy.”

Yara Industrial

Our aspiration is to make life safer, healthier and easier by leveraging our industry leading products, assets, technology and knowledge. 

  • Reagents and solutions to reduce emissions from plants, ships, trucks and cars 
  • Nitrate-based chemicals with applications ranging from renewable energy to pharmaceutical industry 
  • Base chemicals used as raw materials for the healthcare, wood, pharmaceutical, steel, space and yeast industries 
  • Solutions for the civil explosives industry 
  • Solutions for animal feed
Yves Bonte

Yves Bonte - EVP, Industrial Products

“While demand for AdBlue has pushed our delivery system to the limit, our commercial and logistic teams have done their utmost to ensure that products arrive on time.”

Yara Supply Chain

Our aspiration is to create value by leveraging Yara’s knowledge and scale through global procurement, optimization of assets and efficient supply chain operations. 

  • Unique ammonia trade and logistics worldwide 
  • Purchase of energy, potassium, and phosphate rock 
  • Sourcing and trade of finished fertilizer and ammonia 
  • New Supply Chain in Europe to increase the customer experience and value
Tove Andersen

Tove Andersen - EVP, Supply Chain

“We believe significant bottom-line impact can be achieved by shaping a procurement function with stronger strategic focus, increased cross- functional collaboration and capability build- up.”

Yara Production

Our aspiration is to have the best safety performance, lowest production costs, best reliability and highest quality in the Chemicals industry, made possible by the most qualified, motivated, and satisfied work force driving continuous productivity improvement, combined with a portfolio of process technology for the future and the ability to build better, cheaper and faster than anyone else.

  • Operational efficiency
  • Clean technologies
  • Safe and reliable production
Petter Østbø - Head of Production

Petter Østbø - Head of Production

“I am particularly happy with a record low number of safety incidents, with several plants achieving zero incidents and our new acquisitions having shown great improvements.”